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Would YOU like to be part of an incredible movement designed to help people take back control of their career and lives so they can make better choices for themselves and their families (and get paid for doing so)?

If so, we’d love to invite you to join us in spreading the word about The Online Business Launch Summit by signing up as an affiliate.

By promoting this event you are helping to empower men and women all over the world!

YOU can help change the world!

The Online Business Launch Summit is FREE for participants to attend for 8 days. Each new day will feature 3 new speakers and viewers will be able to access the interviews for 48 hours.

The summit will run live from March 1 – 8, 2015 but you can start sending traffic and getting people
signed up as early as February 1, 2015.

They will also have the option to upgrade to our digital access package so they have access to this
cutting-edge information for life!

Our affiliate program offers 60% commission on sales for the Online Business Launch Summit Digital Access Package.

That’s not all.  In addition we will automatically track and pay you $100 commission on each up sell of our Fire Starters 30-Day Launch Classes special promotion between March 1st – March 8th.

Simply sign up below to get started!

Once you sign up, you will receive access to emails, social media posts, banners, memes and more to help you promote this important event. When a purchase is made through your affiliate link, you receive a commission!

To get started all you have to do is sign up below and start spreading the word through emails and social media.When someone purchases our Digital Access Package through your affiliate link you receive a 60% commission!

Help me and 12 other world-leading experts bust myths, and finally set the record straight when it comes to creating, growing, and monetizing an online business from scratch.

YOU can help change people’s lives while making money in the process!

With appreciation and support,

Dean Patino

Founder, Fire Starters Company
Creator of The Online Business Launch Summit

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Earn 60% COMMISSION on every sale plus an additional $100 kicker!

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